Pardon Our Mess

The MFA Years, a community resource for applicants to creative writing graduate programs that grew from The MFA Chronicles, was active from 2011 to 2018. The website hosted a notifications board for MFA admissions, a list of all fully and partially funded MFA programs, and blog posts from graduate-level creative writing students across the U.S. and the world.

The MFA Years will soon be relaunched as The Workshop. While we will still share important resources including admissions notifications and lists of creative writing programs that are partially or fully funded, we also hope to include more comprehensive resources: lists of post-MFA fellowships and funding opportunities, lists of MFAs that have taken writers without the bachelor’s degree, lists of conferences with financial aid, an advice column for those at the very beginnings of a writing career, etc.

We also hope to include news and op-eds related to creative writing as a discipline, and instructions that move beginning writers beyond or around the MFA. What does a novel pitch look like? How does a residency work? These and other important questions will be answered in future columns.

In the meantime, pardon our dust as we thoughtfully and, yes, a little slowly, move into our new digs.

Stay safe,

Cady Vishniac