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Consider a Workshop or Conference This Summer

If you follow this blog frequently, you probably fall into one of three categories: Applying for an MFA this year and anxiously waiting for the results of all your application labor. Highly or hardly considering an MFA and wanted to find out if current or past candidates got the most out their experience. Currently in an MFA and looking to help out who are navigating the treacherous waters of MFA applications or are considering one. Regardless of where you are, I highly recommend thinking about a workshop, conference, and/or retreat this summer if you aren’t already. Some of these places have their applications due this month or the next (VONA, Kundiman) or in March (Clarion West, Sewanee). Like the MFA program, a workshop or conference experience can vary. When I first started to get serious about writing and wanted to know more about craft, writing lifestyles, and the business, I went to my first local writer’s conference at the time, the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. I got a feel for others in the community, learned a …

Southampton Writers Conference (aka My First MFA Workshop)

Summer camp for writers; short stories instead of leather lanyards, playwriting instead of slapstick, and poems instead of finger-paints, but otherwise my twelve days at the Southampton Writers Conference was pretty much that, summer camp for writers. It was also my first for-credit writing adventure as a part of my MFA program at Stony Brook University making me now an official grad student. All of the paperwork went through ages ago to support my student status, but now I feel official after summer camp, um, I mean the writers conference.