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Image: Ian James Grant So, obviously, it’s not December. But, until 6 p.m., when my Forms of Nonfiction class begins, I’m technically on winter break. So I’ll use the scare quotes to indicate that my December was extended into winter break. I want to use this post to wrap up a few loose ends from this past semester, things I didn’t get the chance to tell or forgot to tell. As I look over my previous posts, I see that I never did tell how my housing situation worked out. When applying for graduate-student housing at the University of Alaska, you sign up for your three top choices, in terms of size, rent, roommate status, etc. This puts you on the three waiting lists. Because some apartment situations are more desirable than others, some lists move faster than others. My name came up for a one-bedroom apartment by myself. It’s one of the more expensive options, but that also meant this list moved faster. I’m not organized enough to handle an efficiency, and I prefer …


Forgive me for being a couple of days late. I had fully intended to post on the 31st. But I hosted a Halloween party, and of course, hosting a party always takes more time and work than you plan for. It was a great party, though, most of my cohort along with a couple of random others. And then yesterday, I was just sacked out in my pajamas all day because I was worn out from hosting. And then last night I got a surprise invitation from a friend to the campus Diwali celebration. The event was sold out, so I was quite happy that I ended up being able to go. It was a fantastic time, and I’ll be sure to go next year. So let’s get at what I want to talk about. Let’s talk my nonfiction workshop.