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Oh, Bigoted New World

Image: Sebastien Wiertz On the night of the election, I didn’t want to watch the election results roll in alone, so I went to a viewing held by a group English graduate students. Although I didn’t know the people at the gathering very well—most of them I had never met before and the few that I did know I met in the past couple months—I felt a strong sense of camaraderie with them that night. We watched with disbelief as what we had thought was impossible manifested before our eyes in the climbing electoral college numbers. We were all stunned, drinking wine and eating chips as if that was somehow going to make us feel a little better. We had to take breaks, because standing outside in the chilly air eased the feelings of claustrophobia and panic that were colonizing our bodies. I’m lucky in that I’m not going to be as affected as many of my friends and colleagues by the outcome of this election. I’m mixed race, but I look white. I’m an …

Dear Diary…

Ya’ll are probably too young to remember the intro to the Mary Tyler Moore Show, hell I’m probably too young to be remembering that intro! But when my friends ask me how I’m liking UC Riverside, I imagine I feel the same way MTM felt when she runs into that busy New York intersection, spun around and threw her little hat into the air! I am blissed out. Totally overjoyed. My cohort is the greatest. There’s 19 of us across screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, fiction and nonfiction. There’s none of that competitiveness or cattiness I’ve heard about in other programs. Everyone just seems to be genuinely happy to be here and happy to be surrounded by other happy people. There’s a wide range of ages and experiences in my cohort and I’m very pleased with all of the diversity. The faculty isn’t there to churn us out of a writer factory, they have more of a writer’s colony approach and they are there to guide us along the way.

Endless Summer

In the past month I have: Quit my job. Road tripped from Denver to Riverside. Found a home. Unpacked everything (and not just crammed things wherever). Figured out the bus system. Done the DMV. Setup my new laptop. Met members of my cohort. Ordered my books for class. In the past month I have not: Started school.

On the Move

I’ve moved 10 times in 10 years. The hardest followed heartache, how do you tenderly break apart two lives bonded together? We’d moved to edge of the continent and lived out the lyrics in our favorite songs all the way down PCH. He was a boy of summer and I was a California girl. When it all ended, I sold everything from the storage unit we had back home to cobble together enough money for a security deposit and a bed. The couch and oversized chair we’d made monthly installment payments on, the large Z Gallerie coffee and end tables woven from abacca, a gift from my parents, the  bar height dining room table and chairs that seated eight  that we’d hosted so many dinners around and played so many games of cards at, but which mostly just acted as a storage area for all my school books and many handbags, the high quality futon mattress and bedframe we’d gotten a good deal on because my middle sister let us use her employee discount at …

Minda Honey Introduction (University of California, Riverside ’17)

Hi. I’m Minda and I’m three months away from completely changing the direction of my life. Again. Won’t you join me? A year ago, I wasn’t doing so well. I was (and am) in a city I hated, I had just kicked my relationship with my neighbor cold turkey (Mr. Rogers could have saved me had he done just ONE episode on appropriate neighbor relations…), I had practically no friends and the end was not near. I was committed to being in this city for at least another 11 months. I felt helpless. Feelings of helplessness led to lots of lying in bed and staring at my ceiling painted in that perfectly neutral shade luxury apartments paint everything in. It meant fighting the temptation to walk down the stairs and up the block to the liquor store on the corner, but thankfully when I kicked my neighbor; I kicked many vices by association as well.