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On the Other Side of the Money Issue

Image: Images Money We talk a lot about the money factor of the MFA—the type of funding schools offer, if one is able to truly live off that amount of funding, etc.—but I wanted to speak to what may be the opposite side of that. What happens when you get that money when you’re not used to it?

The MFA, Money, & Diversity (or lack thereof)

Image: This post is about diversity BUT I think it’s useful to anyone negotiating money after receiving acceptances: Most MFA programs lack diversity. It ain’t a secret; going to school for three years to write stories and/or poetry is probably the bougiest thing you could ever do (besides paying for fluff-n-fold, which I low-key did sometimes when I had a full-time job). If you’re from an underrepresented community (ie. a POC or a first-generation college graduate), many graduate programs have additional fellowships available to you. Before I started my MFA program, I was working in college admissions at a private school in California. Almost immediately, I noticed a pattern that was killing me: After being admitted to the school, the students who asked for (or demanded) additional funding were almost never the POC or low-income students. Often, when a low-income student didn’t receive enough funding, they’d either choose to go into debt, or they’d choose not to attend the school at all. But, of course, the students who asked for more funding from the college …

M.F.A. (Master’s of Feedback Appreciation)

First Year at University of New Mexico: A Round-Up, A Reflection…