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Minda Honey Introduction (University of California, Riverside ’17)

I am a woman blessed with default happiness. I wake up every morning happy. I end every day in my bed happy. The only things that interfere with this general state of happiness are temporary, situations and events in my life. I used this knowledge coupled with the fact that time always passes faster when you have something to look forward to to develop a plan. Thought by thought, I threaded together my own lifeline: I would apply to creative writing MFA programs.

2014, Archives, June 2014, The MFA Years

Caitlin Neely Introduction (University of Virginia ’16)

I knew UVA was the right place for me when I emailed questions to four current students and received informative, enthusiastic replies from all of them within hours; what they said in those emails helped me make my decision. When I received an offer a couple of weeks later, I accepted.

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Whittier Strong (University of Alaska Fairbanks ’17) Introduction

My journey to the creative writing MFA is convoluted, and intimately tied up in my personal history. You see, I’m almost 40, so I lived a lot of life before I decided to pursue an MFA. I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. I was born to lower-class parents who had little understanding of college in… Continue reading Whittier Strong (University of Alaska Fairbanks ’17) Introduction