We are currently accepting guest posts and interviews from creative writing students.

Guest Posts

Who do we want to hear from?

People who are currently applying to MFA or MA programs, current MFA students, MFA graduates, PhD students, MA students, and anyone else who feels they can offer a perspective on studying creative writing in an academic setting.

What are we looking for?

Blog posts that focus on some aspect of creative writing and graduate school. These can range from navigating workshop criticism to handling a long distance relationship to writing about your program. If you’d like to see examples of what we’ve published, click here.

What should I do if I’m interested?

Send an email to

Please attach your post as a Word document and include a bio. Do not exceed 2000 words.

You can also send us any ideas you have if you’d rather discuss them with us first.


If you are interested in having us interview you about the creative writing program you attended or are currently attending, please contact us. We are only interested in interviewing current students or graduates, not students who have yet to start their program. Ideally, you will have at least one semester under your belt, though, at least two semesters, or a student who has recently graduated, is preferred.

If you are a creative writing professor or program director that is interested in being interviewed, you can also contact us.


  1. April says

    Thank you for your guest post page. I found out that there are lots of useful, helpful and relevant articles on your guest post page. Great job!

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