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J.R. Dawson Introduction (Stonecoast ’16)

This summer, I go where I belong. I’ve already met so many people in my new cohort who have the same funky loves and ideas and heroes that I do. My professors are some of the coolest people out there. And everyone is so friggin’ nice.

2014, Archives, June 2014, The MFA Years

Minda Honey Introduction (University of California, Riverside ’17)

I am a woman blessed with default happiness. I wake up every morning happy. I end every day in my bed happy. The only things that interfere with this general state of happiness are temporary, situations and events in my life. I used this knowledge coupled with the fact that time always passes faster when you have something to look forward to to develop a plan. Thought by thought, I threaded together my own lifeline: I would apply to creative writing MFA programs.

2014, Archives, June 2014, The MFA Years

Caitlin Neely Introduction (University of Virginia ’16)

I knew UVA was the right place for me when I emailed questions to four current students and received informative, enthusiastic replies from all of them within hours; what they said in those emails helped me make my decision. When I received an offer a couple of weeks later, I accepted.