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On the Other Side of the Money Issue

Image: Images Money We talk a lot about the money factor of the MFA—the type of funding schools offer, if one is able to truly live off that amount of funding, etc.—but I wanted to speak to what may be the opposite side of that. What happens when you get that money when you’re not… Continue reading On the Other Side of the Money Issue

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I Like My Classes. So Why Am I So Bad In Them?

Image: Chris Two months here in Ithaca and I’m learning a few things about myself. One, I relied way too much on working air conditioning and heat. Two, it is entirely possible to get around without a car, although not all that enjoyable. Three, I’m just really bad in an academic environment. Before when I… Continue reading I Like My Classes. So Why Am I So Bad In Them?

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Shakarean Hutchinson Introduction (Cornell University ’18)

Image: Robert Thompson It’s a weird thing, leaving the only place you have known for the first time. I was never one of those kids that moved around, not state to state or city to city or even from one house to another. My family made its home in South Carolina (many many generations before… Continue reading Shakarean Hutchinson Introduction (Cornell University ’18)