Author: Jackie Sizemore

"Writing," Jonathan Kim

Navigating the First Summer of My MFA

Image: Jonathan Kim This past May marked the end of my first year in Boise State’s MFA program. In a whirlwind of moving twice, losing a relationship, cautiously starting another, searching for my voice as a writer, and of course, figuring out the best place to buy groceries, the summer loomed ahead of me. In the past few years, summer hadn’t meant much with full-time jobs and responsibilities. But I had left all of that behind in entering my MFA program. What was I supposed to do with my summer, the first official, extended break from graduate school? In reality, I was afraid. A year earlier I was beginning my round two of applications for fiction MFA programs. I saved up enough money and released myself from any so-called job burdens from June 2012 to November 2012. “I’ll write every day,” I assured my then-boyfriend, who graciously covered my share of our San Francisco rent. While I did eventually write the three short stories that got me into my MFA program, I certainly didn’t write …