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Seeking POC: How to Choose MFA Programs

Image: Mike Cerrillo In my first creative writing workshop, a young white man wrote a stereotypical story about the experience of a young, white man who went to Lima on his study abroad trip and met a wife beating Peruvian man who scared the narrator into buying a pocket knife to carry around with him… Continue reading Seeking POC: How to Choose MFA Programs

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Gionni Ponce Introduction (Indiana University ‘19)

Image: Joey Lax-Salinas More aptly titled: How I Failed My Way into MFA Candidacy. This fall, I'll begin Indiana University's creative writing MFA program in fiction. It's a fully funded program that will cover the cost of my tuition, insurance, and provide me with a teaching stipend to pay my rent and buy food. IU's… Continue reading Gionni Ponce Introduction (Indiana University ‘19)