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First Year MFA Survival Guide

Photo Credit: Brenna Daughtery It’s the middle of summer and time is flashing before our very eyes. Let me the one to tell you that someone can constantly beat you over the head about how precious and short your time is during your MFA experience. Even after your entire first year you can still be… Continue reading First Year MFA Survival Guide

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What is Your Message of Hope?

Image By: Martin “Interrogate yourself. Everyday. What is your message of hope?” – Ocean Vuong My first semester in pursuing my MFA, I got the privilege to hear Ocean Vuong, an exceptional poet, who visited Virginia Tech and delivered a craft talk the following day. He had a soft-spoken voice when he talked but when… Continue reading What is Your Message of Hope?

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A Writer’s New Year’s Resolution

Image: jev55 It’s approaching the end of December and the beginning of the New Year. It’s a time to rejuvenate your bank accounts, eat leftovers with slight remorse, watch the new season of The Bachelor and, of course, make New Years Resolutions. For writers, this could mean a lot of things. For instance, finishing that one book… Continue reading A Writer’s New Year’s Resolution

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Devin Koch Introduction (Virginia Tech ’19)

Image: Robert MacDonald Let’s jump right out of the gate and do the all important, “Say your name and tell everyone at least one interesting fact about you." It’s that time of year where syllabus week marks the silence of fresh students and when my mind is scattering with panic thoughts of Where is my next… Continue reading Devin Koch Introduction (Virginia Tech ’19)