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April Showers Bring ANXIETY

Image: 陳 冠宇 Springtime can be confusing. The weather is friendlier, the world unfurls from its winter slumber, birds sing in the tree outside your window, etc. But this time of year also brings tax returns, looming seminar papers, and summer work struggles. For those who have braved the tumultuous MFA application process over the past few… Continue reading April Showers Bring ANXIETY

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Writing Process as Writing Problem

Image: darkday Earlier this week I sat in my professor’s office discussing the revision made to my second story submission. It had been somewhat substantial: I’d completely rewritten the beginning three times and composed several additional scenes I was 99% sure weren’t going to make it into the final story, all in order to better… Continue reading Writing Process as Writing Problem

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Time to Write: An MFA Myth

Unfortunately, most of us can't dedicate more than a small portion of our time to writing. We fit it into a larger schedule that usually involves working long hours, taking care of kids, and attempting to maintain some semblance of a social life. The vast majority of writers practicing their craft outside of academia have to work within… Continue reading Time to Write: An MFA Myth

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Carlos Alonso Chism Introduction (University of Maryland ’18)

Image: N'charallah Jasper During my college application process at the end of high school I felt starved of choice. While my friends were figuring out what they were looking for in a school and visiting several universities, I knew I would wind up at the local Penn State campus. My mother taught there, allowing me… Continue reading Carlos Alonso Chism Introduction (University of Maryland ’18)