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A Map of Influence

Image: Pietro Bellini To complete the first semester and thus 50% of this MFA program, we had two final projects. One was the first draft of the thesis (!!!!!), and the other, a curated collection of 35 poems—not our own—that are personally important in some way. The anthology was to be modeled after Robert Pinsky’s… Continue reading A Map of Influence

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On Writing for Your Younger Self

Image: VisualAge My poems so far have largely been investigations into my identity, often performed within a certain framework; namely, retelling of myths, gender-swapped. I joked with a cohortmate about this formula: “This story used to be about a dude, but now—wait for it—it’s about a lady.” Intertwined with this examination of my woman-ness is… Continue reading On Writing for Your Younger Self

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Alleliah Nuguid Introduction (Boston University ’16)

Image: Louish Pixel When introducing yourself, the general rule is that who you are is what you “do,” and what you do is what pays the bills. Occupation is inextricably twined with identity. In spite of the fact that my jobs post-college have had nothing to do with poetry, I've qualified my introduction as “poet working… Continue reading Alleliah Nuguid Introduction (Boston University ’16)