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Inconsistent Information About MFA Program Funding

The following creative writing MFA programs are listed as fully funded on the Poets & Writers MFA Programs Database, but do not meet The Workshop’s definition of a fully funded MFA in creative writing. In practical terms, this means that although all or nearly all students in the program are funded, tuition remission and a stipend for the full length of the MFA is not guaranteed upon admission to all accepted students. While there’s usually little practical difference between these MFA programs and those on the fully funded list, we still feel the distinction is important to make, and have listed them on the Mostly Funded MFAs in Creative Writing List.

When you research creative writing MFA programs, it is important to make sure everybody is on the same page about what the terms fully funded, mostly funded, and partially funded mean. Do all students currently in the program happen to be funded, even though unfunded offers are still made or funding for later years is competitive? Do all students get some funding, so they only have to pay a little bit for the degree? Do most students get tuition remission and a stipend, while a few get nothing? These are questions every applicant should ask.

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