2017 Faculty Survey

The MFA Years is collecting demographic data from current faculty members in full-res MFA and MA creative writing programs. The survey will be available until May 30th.Our aim is to identify areas where creative writing programs, as a whole, need work in regards to hiring and diversity.

We’re taking responses from people who either hold tenure or who are on a tenure track. In most cases, we define this as someone who is an assistant, associate or full professor at an institution. If your position falls outside of these titles and you are on track for tenure, please email us.

Your responses will be anonymous, and you are not required to answer all of the questions. When we look over the results in June, your name will not be attached to your answers unless you choose to provide it at the end of your survey.

If you are interested in participating, follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to themfayears@gmail.com from an official University email address (.edu). We will not send you a survey if you contact us from a Gmail account, etc.
  2. Fill out the survey, and, if you’d like, provide comments at the end about your teaching experiences and/or your feelings about the current state of creative writing programs.
  3. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re having trouble with the survey!

This project would not have come to fruition without Hugo’s blog post about diversity in creative writing programs in Texas. His post was inspired by an article by Sarah Rafael Garcia. We’d also recommend checking out Kristine Sloan’s, “Challenging the Whiteness of MFA Programs.”

Caitlin Neely
Hugo Esteban Rodríguez
Jess Silfa
Kristine Sloan
Michelle Meyers