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Recharging My Batteries

So far, this winter break has not been very productive for me in terms of my writing. After spending most of my fall commuting between Southampton and Brooklyn, I’ve found myself mostly playing catch up on errands and getting back into the swing of being home full-time. And that’s okay. Time for sleep and recharging my batteries was just what I needed.

Two years ago, I spent January (2014) wondering which schools might accept me into their MFA program. Last January (2015), about to start my second semester at Stony Brook, I visited family and spent a lot of time reading and catching up on sleep. This January (2016) has mostly consisted of sleeping, busy-work and preparing for being a Teaching Assistant and doing the reading for that class.

Where my mind really is, however, is contemplating where I might be next January (2017). Logistically, I’m sure I’ll still be living in Brooklyn, but if all goes well, I will have graduated and will be ready to make plans for the next chapters of my life.

My goal is to get back to California and figure out a balance of work and time for my needs to write and create art. I sort of feel like I’ve been told I will be receiving a secret gift but that I am not allowed to even see the size or shape of the box until it arrives. I know something will be here and I suspect it will be great, but until it does, I wonder. And wait. And plan.

There you have it. I have not done much new writing, but I’ve gotten (mostly) caught up on my To-Do list and I’ve had a chance to recharge a bit and, most importantly, catch up on some sleep.

My spring semester begins in two weeks – on January 25th – and my first day back will be in front of the class instead of as a student. This is going to be interesting!

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