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Where are you applying?

Image: Angie Garrett

It’s that time of year again! Where are you applying for the 2016 application season?


  1. Manoshij Banerjee says

    I have applied to the following:

    1. Boston
    2. Cornell
    3. Mississippi
    4. Virginia
    5. Virginia Tech
    6. Oregon State

  2. 1. Arizona State
    2. Boise State
    3. Florida State
    4. Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    5. Ohio State (Rejection 1/20)
    6. Purdue
    7. Vanderbilt
    8. Virginia
    9. School of Hard Knocks

    • I should mention these are all poetry subs. Hopefully my manuscript of nothing but limericks gets me somewhere!

    • I should mention these are all poetry. Except school #9, which is a multi-disciplinary educational program.

  3. mooochelle says

    1. Washington University in St. Louis
    2. Virginia
    3. Virginia Commonwealth
    4. UNC Greensboro
    5. Oregon
    6. Oregon State
    7. Montana
    8. Vanderbilt

    Currently busy pinching myself for missing deadlines for some other fantastic programs. Good luck to all!

    • Where else would you have applied if you had gotten to it earlier?

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