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2015 Notifications

If you’re wondering whether applicants have heard back from programs, check out GradCafe. We’d recommend searching for “creative writing,” “fiction” and/or “poetry.”

Where did you apply? Have you heard back from programs? Share below and good luck!


UPDATED 4/15/15 11:20 PM

If a program hasn’t contacted you by April 15th, it is probably best to shoot them an email. Especially if you are on a waitlist or have any not received any sort of decision.

Programs that have notified so far according to GradCafe results. This does not necessarily mean they are done notifying. Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • University of Alabama—all genres notified.
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks—acceptances in nonfiction and poetry.
  • American University—acceptances in poetry and fiction.
  • University of Arizona—all genres notified.
  • Arizona State University—acceptances in poetry and rejections in poetry and fiction.
  • University of Arkansas—acceptances, rejections and waitlists in fiction.
  • Ball State University (MA)—acceptance.
  • University of Baltimore—acceptance in fiction.
  • Bard College—rejection in poetry.
  • Bennington College—acceptances in fiction.
  • Boise State—acceptance in fiction.
  • Boston University—all genres notified.
  • Bowling Green State University—acceptance in fiction.
  • University of British Columbia—acceptance in a genre not specified.
  • Brooklyn College—all genres notified.
  • Brown University—all genres notified.
  • California College of the Arts—acceptances in fiction and poetry.
  • University of California, Davis—acceptance in poetry.
  • California Institute of the Arts—acceptances.
  • University of California, Irvine—acceptances in fiction and rejections in fiction.
  • University of California, Riverside—acceptances and rejections in fiction and rejections in nonfiction.
  • University of California, San Diego—rejections in fiction.
  • California State University, Fresno—acceptance in fiction.
  • California State University, Long Beach—acceptance in poetry.
  • Central Arkansas—acceptance in poetry and a waitlist in fiction.
  • University of Central Florida—acceptances in fiction and non fiction and rejections in fiction.
  • Chapman University—acceptance in fiction.
  • Chatham University—acceptances in fiction and a genre not specified.
  • University of Cincinnati (MA)—waitlist in fiction.
  • Colorado University Boulder—acceptances in poetry and fiction.
  • Colorado State University—acceptances, rejections and waitlists in poetry, acceptance in fiction and rejections in nonfiction.
  • Columbia University—acceptances in nonfiction and fiction, rejections in poetry and waitlists in fiction.
  • Columbia College Chicago—acceptances in poetry, fiction and nonfiction and rejections in fiction.
  • Cornell University—all genres notified.
  • Creighton University—acceptance.
  • Eastern Washington University—acceptances in fiction and poetry and a waitlist in fiction.
  • Emerson College—acceptances in fiction.
  • University of Florida—acceptance, rejection and waitlist in fiction.
  • Florida Atlantic University—acceptances and rejections in fiction and genres not specified.
  • Florida State University—acceptances in fiction and non fiction.
  • George Mason University—acceptances in poetry, non-fiction and a genre not specified.
  • Georgia College and State University—acceptances in poetry and nonfiction and rejection in fiction.
  • Georgia State University—acceptance in poetry and a rejection in fiction.
  • Hamline University—acceptance.
  • Hollins University—acceptance in fiction and rejection in nonfiction.
  • University of Houston—all genres notified.
  • Hunter College—all genres notified.
  • University of Idaho—acceptance and rejection in poetry and a waitlist in fiction.
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign—all genres notified.
  • Indiana University—all genres notified.
  • University of Iowa—all genres notified.
  • Iowa State University—acceptance in fiction.
  • Johns Hopkins University—all genres notified.
  • University of Kansas—rejection in a genre not specified.
  • University of Kentucky—rejection in fiction.
  • Kingston University—acceptance in a genre not specified.
  • Louisiana State University—acceptances in fiction and poetry and waitlists in fiction and poetry.
  • University of Maine—acceptance in genre not specified.
  • University of Maryland—acceptances in poetry and fiction and rejections in fiction.
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst—rejections in fiction.
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston—acceptances in poetry and fiction.
  • McNeese State—all genres notified.
  • University of Memphis—acceptances in fiction and nonfiction.
  • University of Miami—rejection in fiction.
  • Miami University (MA)—acceptance in poetry and waitlist in fiction.
  • Michener Center—all genres notified.
  • University of Michigan—all genres notified.
  • Mills College—acceptance in fiction.
  • University of Minnesota—all genres notified.
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato—all genres notified.
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City—acceptance.
  • University of Mississippi—acceptance in poetry and rejections in fiction.
  • University of Montana-Missoula—all genres notified.
  • Naropa University—acceptance in poetics.
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas—all genres notified.
  • University of Nevada, Reno—rejection in a genre not specified.
  • University of New Hampshire—acceptance in fiction and nonfiction.
  • University of New Mexico—all genres notified.
  • New Mexico State University—all genres notified.
  • University of New Orleans—acceptance in fiction.
  • The New School—acceptances in nonfiction and poetry.
  • New Writers Project—all genres notified.
  • New York University—al genres notified.
  • University of North Carolina, Greensboro—acceptances in poetry and fiction and rejections in fiction.
  • University of North Carolina, Wilmington—acceptances in poetry and non fiction, waitlists in fiction, and rejections in fiction and nonfiction.
  • Northern Arizona University—acceptances in poetry and fiction.
  • Northern Michigan University—rejection in poetry and acceptance in fiction.
  • University of Notre Dame—all genres notified.
  • Northeast Ohio MFA—acceptance in fiction and a rejection.
  • Ohio State University—all genres notified.
  • Oklahoma State University—acceptance and waitlist in fiction.
  • Old Dominion University—acceptance in fiction.
  • University of Oregon—all genres notified.
  • Oregon State University—all genres notified.
  • Oxford—request for interview in fiction, an acceptance in poetry and a rejection.
  • Pratt Institute—waitlists in poetry and fiction.
  • University of Pittsburgh—acceptances in nonfiction and a rejections in fiction and a genre not specified.
  • Portland State University—acceptances and rejections in fiction, a waitlist in poetry and a rejection in non fiction.
  • Purdue University—all genres notified.
  • Queens University of Charlotte—acceptance in poetry.
  • Rutgers University-Camden—all genres notified.
  • Rutgers-Newark University—all genres notified.
  • San Diego State University—acceptance in a genre not specified.
  • University of San Francisco—acceptances in fiction, nonfiction and poetry.
  • San Francisco State University—acceptances in poetry and acceptances and rejections in fiction.
  • Sarah Lawrence College—acceptances in fiction, poetry and non fiction and a waitlist in fiction.
  • School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago—acceptances in poetry and a genre not specified.
  • University of South Carolina—all genres notified.
  • Southern Connecticut State University—acceptance in poetry.
  • University of South Florida—acceptances in fiction.
  • Southern Illinois—acceptances in fiction and a genre not specified and rejections in fiction.
  • Stony Brook—acceptances in fiction and poetry.
  • Syracuse University—all genres notified.
  • Temple University—acceptances in poetry and fiction.
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville—waitlists in non fiction and fiction and a rejection in fiction.
  • Texas State University—acceptances and rejections in fiction.
  • University of Toronto—acceptance.
  • Vanderbilt—all genres notified.
  • University of Virginia—all genres notified.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University—acceptance in fiction and a waitlist in poetry.
  • Virginia Tech—all genres notified.
  • University of Washington, Bothell—acceptances in poetry.
  • Washington University, St. Louis—all genres notified.
  • West Virginia University—all genres notified.
  • Western Michigan University—rejection and waitlist in fiction.
  • Western Washington University—acceptance.
  • Wichita State—rejections and waitlists in fiction.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison—all genres notified.
  • University of Wyoming—acceptances in poetry and fiction, rejection in fiction and waitlists in nonfiction and poetry.


  1. Vivian D. says

    I’m a first time applicant who’s almost two years out from undergrad. I didn’t study Creative Writing or English for my BA. I applied to 11 schools (even now, I feel like I should have applied to more) and I went kinda big. Mainly, I need full funding or I can’t attend. The list is:

    Austin (Michener)
    Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
    Virginia Tech

    Indiana and Cornell and my top choices (faculty, current students, interactions with other departments, funding, etc…) Haven’t heard anything back at all, except a vague email from Indiana about potential additional funding (did anyone else get that?). I don’t have facebook so I’m not in on the MFA draft group, which might be for the best. The wait is killing me!!!

    • Anonymous says

      Please correct this:
      “University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign—waitlists in fiction and poetry.” Poetry has not happened; The Grad Cafe has nothing for
      poetry for (F2015) You must be seeing (F2014).

  2. Vivian D. says

    Aww, here I was thinking I was special 🙂 Thanks for letting me know Caitlin!

  3. Berit Larson says

    I applied to seven very selective, fully-funded programs. I probably should have mixed up my list a little more, but had to go with funded programs. I’ve received two rejections: University of Minnesota and Washington University-St. Louis, but moved onto “Phase II” at Ole Miss. I would love the opportunity to study in an MFA program- it’s something I’ve been strongly considering for about three years, and I feel ready. However, I have significant undergrad debt and I am married, so I don’t feel as “mobile” as some other applicants. If it doesn’t work out for me for this time, I’ll be disappointed, but I think I’ll be able to keep things in perspective.

    I think I would be able to have a more enjoyable experience in an MFA program if more of my student loans were paid off. It would be more of a relief knowing that the debt wasn’t just looming there, waiting for me after the MFA. I feel a little guilty even spending money on MFA applications with the amount of debt I have, though at the same time, I don’t want to let it control my whole life. Anyone else currently experiencing this?

    Sad but true: I would make more money on a graduate stipend than I currently, or have ever made in the “real world.” So there’s that… Time to become a phlebotomist? :/

  4. Michael Byers says

    Hi there,

    For what it’s worth, we at Michigan haven’t yet sent out any information – accepts, waitlists, or rejects. It’s maybe possible something’s leaked, but we haven’t informed anybody officially of anything quite yet. Notifications should begin going out in the next few days.

    Hang in there, gang — I remember how stressful this period is.

    Michael Byers
    Director, Helen Zell Writers’ Program

  5. Anonymous says

    Yeah, um, I’m embarrassed. I’m not out of any English undergraduate department. In fact, I’m in my forties and had earned two degrees in music performance in my twenties. Yet, I applied for an MFA in fiction, and I’m only beginning to understand how difficult this process is. My goals at this point are to finish my book, finish my other stories, start other ideas, and share at least my most important story with others. I applied, because I didn’t think I was doing that most important story justice, yet, with my writing. I want it to be as great as it can be. I was accepted to Chatham without a Teaching Assistantship. This is heartbreaking for me as a single person with two part-time jobs, no benefits, and no savings. Maybe people already think I had my chance right out of college, but my story wasn’t ready to be written, and I wasn’t ready to write it or learn the craft. Student Loans would be the way I would have to go. At my age, that could be a very stupid route. Anyhow, Cornell U. rejected me, and I’m waiting on two other schools. I’ve heard that “No news is not good news.” This leads me to believe that I am going to receive rejections. If that happens, it happens. I still have to finish my book. My knowledge of Cornell U. was only about their music department, and one day, I hopped over to their MFA description and applied. Not only did it read as stellar to get my heart pumping, but my sister and best friend live in New York State. I do not, (and I did not go to Cornell for music.) My inexperience in the MFA world has me laughing at myself and also shaking in my shoes. I may need to wear Depends for the month of March. They do come in handy once in a while.

  6. rachelcassandra says

    I applied in creative nonfiction, and got rejections from University of Iowa & Oregon State University.

    I haven’t heard from:
    Mills College,
    San Jose State University
    University of Alabama
    Hollins University
    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
    UC Riverside


      • Logan says

        Much thanks. I had no idea how stressful this waiting period would be. Thanks for this site! A great resource.

  7. Logan says

    I received a call from Bennington yesterday — and was accepted (fiction) — could not be more excited! Much thanks again for this site!

    • Kaitlin says

      Congratulations! I’m hoping to go to Bennington, as well, but for poetry. I’m hoping I hear back soon. I’ve only heard about one acceptance for poetry so far, so I’m trying to stay hopeful. Fingers crossed!

      • Logan says

        Hi Kaitlin – best of luck to you – acceptances are slow to appear on both gradcafe and MFA Draft (FB group — are you on?) Fingers crossed!

  8. Anonymous says

    Has anyone heard from Boise State or North Carolina State University for poetry?

  9. About University of Arizona: I see results in all genres for rejections and waitlists, but not acceptances.
    Applied for poetry.
    No word: it’s March 25th.
    Belly-crawling through the desert gasping “water”
    Program full of fellow tree huggers: might my environmental science background help? Are they saving trees by not lining my mailbox with missives? I check my email. I log in to GradApp every day. I wish to conserve energy, alas. I will conserve water. Only margaritas until news received. Only you, margarita. I am salt on the rim of your discerning glass. That metaphor is nonsense. See: I need workshops.These short clauses: I sound beat. Don’t judge me. Still waiting.

    *melodramatic, fish-out-of-water-esque stage-death to golf claps*

    Seriously though, I’m all right.

  10. Thanks for this blog! Playing the waiting game is slightly less terrible when resources like this exist. Here’s my list of programs from which I’ve yet to be flat out rejected–all poetry:

    Oregon State: wait list
    Indiana University: wait list
    Ole Miss: moved to phase II
    Boise State: no word
    Bowling Green: no word.

    Rejections include University of Oregon, University of Wisconsin, Washington University St. Louis, and Vanderbilt.

    My heart is set on Indiana. None of the rejections thus far have hurt, but I’m afraid that one might break my heart. Anyone ever had luck getting off of IU’s wait list?

    • Yash Seyedbagheri says

      So here’s my story among the slings and arrows of MFA world. Applied for fiction. Rejected: Arizona State University of Arizona Portland State
      Oregon State Accepted: Colorado State. Applied to Boise State also but have accepted CSU’s offer. Cue the John Denver!

  11. Geist says

    I spoke to Catherine Con from Boston University’s Creative Writing MFA yesterday and she told me fiction decisions should be out by tomorrow.

  12. Hello says

    Is it possible to withdraw from a program after accepting their offer? To attend a better program that sent me a late acceptance?

    Does this happen? What’s the best way to do this?

    • says

      By the way, I was asking only hypothetically re: the above. I was wondering how that would work, after narrowly getting around a situation in which a program was pressuring me to accept early.

      I imagine that every year there are applicants who are duped into accepting too soon. Good luck to all, in this stressful period!

      • Sloan says

        I’m wondering something similar: what if you have an acceptance, say yes on the 15th and then another program contacts you after the 15th and makes an offer? How inappropriate is it to tell the program you accepted that you’re no longer going? My guess is that they’d just reach out to their waitlist again? If anyone has advice or experience on this front, I’d appreciate it.

        And thanks again for the great blog!

    • It happens. The best thing would be to contact them and politely explain the situation. They might be mad about it, they might not be. But it’s your MFA. You need to do what you need to do.

      If a program is trying to pressure you into accepting early you need to ask them for more time. And if they don’t give you more time, think long and hard about what that’s saying about the program.

  13. F Latifi says

    has anyone heard from Cal State Long Beach for fiction? I’ve emailed them twice and have heard that no decisions have been reached.

  14. C says

    Has anyone heard anything from the University of Massachusetts, Boston for fiction? I find that the department is pretty terrible at communicating – either my emails took up to 2 weeks to reply or they didn’t reply at all.

      • Nope. I’ve sent them 4 emails, checked my application status on their website and nothing. It’s mid June already and there’s no way they take this long to make a decision so I’m just going to assume I didn’t get in.

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